Collection: The GEORGETTES cuffs

Georgette Jewelry

Les Georgettes were born from the alliance of Maison Altesse,
leading French jewelry manufacturer and Breton leather goods manufacturer Texier.

Since the 1900s, Marius Legros, a talented young craftsman, has been creating his jewelry business in the marshes of Paris. In 1912, he joined his family settled in Ardèche and opened his jewelry factory. In 1917, his brother Georges opened the Bijoux GL workshops. For a century, the two companies of the Legros brothers developed, becoming the French leaders in gold-plated jewelery and eventually merged to give birth to Maison Altesse.

Born from a bright and colorful idea, the Les Georgettes brand was born in 2015. Since its launch, the brand has highlighted the best of each expertise of the Maisons Altesse & Texier for resolutely daring creations. Les Georgettes jewelery is designed in our workshops in France .