Journée de l'Environnement

World Environment Day

World Environment Day was initiated by the United Nations Organization in 1972, on the occasion of the opening of the United Nations Conference on the Environment in Stockholm, allows us to reflect on our place as human being on our planet Earth.

Our TAMARA jewelry store and its entire team have also begun to reflect on our approaches, our impact on the environment on our small scale. Indeed, it is everyone's duty to question our various actions in order to try to reduce our impacts as much as possible.

First of all, as a distributor, we are committed to highlighting the brands and the products that have started such an approach. Sector has notably produced a watch model whose case and bracelet are made from plastics harvested at sea. So in addition to reducing the production of plastics from petroleum products, such an approach leads to a reduction in current pollution. . Similarly, Oui&Me offers a collection of watches whose leather straps are made from recycled leather. In addition, the brand takes steps to support bee populations, pollinators essential to ecosystems.

We also favor the relocation of manufacturing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by transport with French brands such as Michel Herbelin , Georgettes or Lip .

We place particular emphasis on reducing our impacts induced by our own activity: reduction of energy consumption, sorting of our waste, particularly batteries (in addition to current consumables of course).

And for you, we think it is essential to allow you an extended life of your jewelry and your watches and therefore to be able to repair them. This is one of the life reasons of our repair shop.

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