HERBELIN - La manufacture du savoir faire français

Michel HERBELIN - The manufacture of French know-how

1947 - The beginning of a great story

The story begins in the cradle of French watchmaking, in Charquemont, a village located in the heart of the Jura mountains. Michel Herbelin's parents intended him to take over their business, but he only dreamed of precision mechanics. Defying parental authority, the young Michel Herbelin preferred to orient himself in the world of watchmaking.
After a few years spent in a local watch factory, whose product quality is not up to his standards, and having the ambition to restore the reputation of traditional French watchmaking. He then boldly embarks on a new adventure… his adventure.

It was on the top floor of his parents' house in Charquemont that Michel HERBELIN opened his own workshop and created his first watches at the age of 26.

1965 - Recognized know-how, made in France

In 1947, if Michel Herbelin baptized his first watch “IMPEC”, it was not by chance. He wanted to clearly display his dream and his ambition: to create elegant watches that function to perfection, that is to say “impeccable” watches stamped Made in France. It relies on French and Swiss suppliers, located near Charquemont, to offer its customers watches of irreproachable quality.
In 1965, buoyed by the success of his collections, he decided to create the eponymous brand.

IMPEC thus becomes Michel HERBELIN

1980 - A family estate

Dressing the hour with passion has been Michel's job for more than 40 years.

It was only natural that he passed on his passion for watchmaking to his two sons, Jean-Claude and Pierre-Michel, who joined him in his career. At this time, quartz made its appearance. While some see it as a harbinger of the decline of French watchmaking, for Michel Herbelin and his sons, it is on the contrary a tremendous opportunity to unleash the creativity of designers and meet the challenges of future generations.
The transmission of know-how is an essential value at Michel HERBELIN. Today, two grandchildren of the founder contribute in turn to the success of the family business. Their creativity and expertise give new impetus to the brand.

2018 - In perpetual motion since 1947

The House has managed to survive more than 70 years while remaining faithful to its original values.
All the watches are designed, assembled by hand and checked in the brand's Franche-Comté workshops, always with the same philosophy: to create timepieces designed to last, respecting artisanal know-how, while adding French elegance.

Since 1947, Michel HERBELIN has been able to adapt to changes and trends, while respecting its DNA. At Basel 2017, it is with Newport Connect that Michel HERBELIN is entering a new era: that of digital technology. In 2018, the new Newport generation made its appearance: a more modern look, stealthy but still marked by the brand's DNA.

Finally, in 2020 the Newport Régate Carbone limited to 300 copies in collaboration with skier and skipper Aurélien Ducroz marks a big blow in the minds: an assertive look completely wrapped in carbon designed to withstand shocks and temperature changes.

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